Ophelia and Professor Wissa present click beetle work at SICB in Tampa, FL


From left to right: Professor Wissa, Ophelia and our collaborator, Professor Dunn.

Earlier this month, graduate student Ophelia Bolmin and Professor Wissa traveled to Tampa, FL to present ongoing work on the clicking mechanism of click beetles at the 2019 Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Annual Meeting. Ophelia presented novel synchrotron x-ray footage showing the internal latch mechanism of the click beetle, and Professor Wissa gave an overview of how the hinge morphology and mechanics enables this unique clicking mechanism. Together, they participated in an excellent workshop organized by Sheila Patek entitled “Principles and analysis of small, high acceleration systems in biology and synthetic systems” and expanded their knowledge of biological power amplified systems. Both had a wonderful time and are looking forward to attending next year’s SICB meeting.